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Feedback posting guidelines
« on: September 28, 2015, 08:57:16 pm »
First off, we'd love to hear your feedback, truly. We want to be the best possible experience for discussing K'nex and sharing instructions. Don't be afraid to make requests. Anything we see as helpful feedback will receive positive karma, as it really does benefit the community.  That all said, here are some guidelines to follow when posting:

Please search this forum for similar feedback before posting a new topic! If you have the same problem/request, comment in that topic. Any duplicate topics will be locked.

Bugs and problems:
  • What is it? Clearly describe the bug you're encountering or the problem you're having.
  • How do you encounter it? Give us clear instructions on the most reliable way to replicate the problem so that we can test it.
  • What do you use? Let us know what browser and operating system you're using.
  • Do you have any workarounds? Let us know what you've been doing to get around the problem if anything so that others who encounter the problem know what they might be able to do in the meantime while we fix it.

Feature additions and enhancements:
  • What is it? Clearly describe the feature you want added or enhanced.
  • How would you use it/why do you want it? Give us some use cases so that we know exactly the purpose it is serving. Maybe we'd find a better way to get what you want.
  • How important is it to you? Be reasonable here, but be truthful. We want to know if it affects your ability and desire to use the website or if it'd just be a nifty feature to have. Exaggerating won't necessarily get you the feature faster.
Thanks for reading and happy building! ;D