Author Topic: Crank fan neon connector upgrade  (Read 132 times)

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Crank fan neon connector upgrade
« on: August 05, 2020, 03:49:05 am »
I recently unboxed and washed 100 used neon connectors, gears, and random pieces, packaged in paper as requested and sold at an expensive price. 311 pieces isn't enough to get very far, especially since there were 0 white connectors, but one thing I did accomplish was upgrading the red and green connectors in the crank fan to neon connectors. It gives a large boost and makes for a change, and makes it easier to find.

The shaft spinner part was assembled several years ago based on the drill model, and a propeller was added later. There are orange flexible rods for visibility and appearance. The handle axle, which has not crumbled since being upgraded to a stiff tan rod, spins a yellow gear that meshes with a blue gear to change the axis of rotation. If there is only one tan clip, the clip widens, slips, and chafes the axle. Two tan clips cannot line up oriented upright unless they are of the old style, and if they are placed opposite than the second clip pries open the first. If the two clips are offset by 90 degrees then it is usually reliable but a clip is occasionally ejected at high speed.

Any propeller or impeller inserted has it's own set of the red connectors. The red axle of the shaft spinner just pushes through the blade set's white connector and clips to the blue 3D connectors. It detaches quickly when desired. The curved panels are floppy and fall off, which creates sudden imbalances at 600 RPM that cause serious failures. I would like to build more blades with regular panels and add rod locks to this curved panel blade. Instructions will be made for this crank fan eventually, but I do not have enough parts to rebuild it and it has too many issues.