Author Topic: Orange gear rotation inverter problem  (Read 441 times)

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Orange gear rotation inverter problem
« on: September 01, 2020, 08:30:02 am »
I recently received 4 orange half-crown gears for building mechanical rotation inverters (spin continuously in one direction and outputs reciprocating rotation). Supposedly, half of the time with Design 1 (left), the output gears (blue) are turned by either the orange gear on the left or the right side, and all else being equal, turning a gear on the opposite side reverses the output rotation. The direction adjusts based on the rotation, not by the second (slower rotation induces slower alternation). With Design 2, which functions essentially the same, instead of alternating which side both output gears are spun, it alternates which yellow gear turns the output axle (gold). These mechanical inverters would be the opposite of my upcoming mechanical bridge rectifier, which would use ratchets to sort the movement to one channel or the other based on direction of input rotation, and then reverse the reverse.

There is one huge issue, enough that I demolished these and will not attempt further unless someone prints a custom gear. Whenever switching directions, instead of momentarily disengaging the first and then engaging the second, there is a bitter instant where both are engaged, and it is a tough grind to switch directions. Someone (which should be lazy me) needs to print a custom orange gear with 2 fewer crowned teeth, and with the interlocking slots exactly perpendicular to the crown half. When 2 of the existing orange gears are inserted with opposing crowns on a single rod, and are clipped with tan clips, there is 1 tooth of transition space on one side and 3 teeth of 'neither' space on the other, even though it should be 2-2 or 3-3.

Photo looks bad even after editing due to dingy 80 CRI light. Always choose 95+ CRI.