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Title: My tan clips keep breaking!
Post by: Togofan on February 16, 2020, 04:31:06 am
My tan clips keep breaking.  I have this uber strong geared hoist and the tan clips that clip into the 3rd yellow gears keep snapping from, the sheer force.   Should i super glue the tan clips to the gear?

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Title: Re: My tan clips keep breaking!
Post by: Callistemon on June 23, 2020, 04:44:35 am
I have a hand crank fan based on the drill model combined with the wind turbine blades. The tan interlocking clips are also one large issue for me. They don’t break, but if there is just one of them, the rod starts slipping and getting chafed. If another clip is placed in the opposite direction, it prevents slipping for some time; but pries open the first clip. Finally, if the second clip is placed right angle to the first, that is the most secure and seems done at first, but then after a while one of the clips is ejected off the rod at high speed. One ejected clip fell in the toilet! The solution is what I call Overload Logic Interlocking Clips. The clips slide down the rod and then clip down, so even if they are ejected, the clips are still trapped on the rod and are right there to be pushed back on. I also considered glue.

Edit: apparently breaking actually just refers to the clip coming off the rod like what happens to me, and not the plastic cracking.