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Title: Floors!
Post by: RealBorisBoef on August 15, 2018, 12:39:16 am
Any tips on how to make good floors, how to support them?
Title: Re: Floors!
Post by: Callistemon on June 24, 2020, 12:15:33 am
Try using either the square K'nex panels (quicker and less parts, but panels can fall down or crack under excessive force, and aren't as solid or even) or several paralleling runs of 2-way orange connectors connected by green rods (requires many pieces, but very solid and smooth).

For the panel option, the framing around the panels provides the support. If the deck is large, then the 8-way white connectors near the corners of the panels can be replaced with 3D connectors, and a truss beam can be installed in either direction, or better, in both directions. Angled 3D orange clips are very useful for perpendicular truss beams intersecting.

For the parallel connector option, the support can be achieved by running rods through the holes of the connectors, which will line up. Not every tunnel needs to have a rod. Extra stiff rods are good for this. Alternatively, if the decking is wider than a gray rod and must not be interrupted, then yellow connectors should be used instead of orange connectors every 4 connectors along each run. That allows truss beams to be installed underneath. Perpendicular rods could also be clipped on the underside of the yellow connectors, but with the same width limit and using a lot more plastic.

This thread is old, but it's still relevant and never received and answer. It seems like most threads on this site are old, even within the first page.
Title: Re: Floors!
Post by: Adrian D on July 04, 2020, 02:38:25 am
Just joined this site too and likewise noticed most posts are old, bummer theres not a more activity here.  I've been posting on reddit..  people reply there.