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Yh but even if the entry path is short it doesn't really save any space because the arm will still take up basically all of the space? I assume to space save was the aim of this lift?

you've got a point. yeah, the arm does take up quite a bit of space, but that's the thing with arm lifts (unless you're austron and you came up with this:
). they take up space, and there's not really anything you can do about it. There may be a way to have a hinged piece of pathing that, when the arm pushes it, moves up and lets the arm pass safely and falls back down. just a thought. :)

Nice lift! You should maybe embed a video, though :P

oh, yeah... duh! right on it!

EDIT Sorunome: merged double posts

hey, that's awesome!
Unfortunately, it was part of our ball machine just a few months ago, and it took a bit longer than expected to make the instructions. Glad to see you like it ;)

Compact separator: a k'nex ball machine separator
--> View Instruction

This is the new separator featured in our k'nex ball machine Impossible. This separator has some inspiration from Thibault Art's ball machine route 66 at 7:30. This separator is very compact (hence its name), as it is only a blue rod high. You can put multiple separators in succession to separate multiple paths, or just use one.
  Either way, have fun building! Be sure to look at the image notes. They'll help you a lot.

The video:

here, take a look at the video so you can see what you'll be making.

Short Start Arm Lift: a knex ball machine lift
--> View Instruction

This is the first of 3 new lifts in our k'nex ball machine Impossible. This lift is like a regular arm lift, but it is unique in that the start path is very short, meaning it uses less pieces and takes less space. 

Spinning Push Lift: a k'nex ball machine lift
--> View Instruction

This is the second of 3 new lifts on our knex ball machine Impossible. This lift has an arm that spins around and pushes the balls up 2 flexi rods. I know you may be thinking, "That looks a lot like Sandroknexmaster's lift Sliding Arm Lift (, but we actually came up with it before Elysium. You can see it in the preview for our ball machine ( You can see the gearing that makes it spin in the beginning of the video and other places of the video.

Instructions will be on knexflux and instructables, but the instructable will come when the knex contest opens up this year.

Thanks for watching/building!

I guess it's a bug because I couldn't get images into that one no mater what I tried... :?

Instructions / Re: How to post instructions
« on: December 31, 2015, 03:00:02 am »
How do I delete instructions?

versatile chainsaw lift: a knex ball machine lift
--> View Instruction

This is the third of three new lifts from our knex ball machine ImpossibleThis lift is very versatile (hence it's name) because you can make it go straight up, flat, or even upside down! If you build this lift, make sure to follow the image notes! They will be very helpful! If you have any problems, feel free to comment or PM us. We'll try to answer any questions or reply to any comments within 48 hours. 
Have fun building!

The Video

Misc / Re: Knex Computer Case
« on: October 05, 2015, 06:50:59 pm »
Nice case! :)

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