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If I had a Remote motor like that or one with light sensors or momentary touch sensors, I would rebuild some of my biggest builds. Currently I am making an ATM, Remote motors would be way easier then rewiring motors. Or in a crane build, where multiple motors need to be running in sync. Or in an actual model town that has a bridge and canal. An infrared sensor could detect an incoming broat thus raisung the bridge. I mean the possibility are endless, whereas right now, I am limited to wiring motors for each build.

Project Progress / 20 Foot Span
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:52:21 am »
Hi, first tine here. I am in the process of building a 20 foot long span or bridge. I am currently at 10 feet in length with only one central support column. On other side if the column is 5 feet of bridge. I am currently stuck on how to extend either side another 5 feet. I have support cables holding up the two sides even though it is unnecessary. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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