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K'nex Automatically Reversing Elevator Lift (by Austron) Instructions
--> View Instruction

So, here is finally instructions for an Austron's K'nex ball machine lift, it take me much time, so I don't know if I'll do it again. All the instructions are based on the Austron's video called "K'nex Automatically Reversing Lift". I will post soon(if I've enough time) an other instructions for an other Austron's lift...

Project Progress / K'nex tilted rotating ball machine progress
« on: September 09, 2018, 07:33:08 pm »
I create this topic now, because I'll forget to do it later,
so...there is no photos of proggress, but don't worry, the final udpate of this...thing, will come very soon :-)

If you don't remember or you never seen the rotating ball machine here is some photo's of the last udpate:

Project Progress / Children Building Ball Machines Project
« on: August 08, 2018, 07:27:09 pm »
So, in this topic I will post the vids of the ball machines build by children during an animation that I organized every week during 4 weeks.
Each week I was helping a group of children to build a K'nex Ball Machine.
They continued to buid the machine every days for 2 hours, exept the first day they choose the elements and lifts they wanted to use.
But I was sick the first week, so I will post only 3 vids.

Project Progress / Homemade knex robotics building system project
« on: December 10, 2017, 02:59:50 pm »
Hi everyone, recently I found an old topic wich speak about the "robotics building system education set".
And it was said that the price of the set is too expensive for what it's contain, and that it will be cool to made an homemade robotics building system with arduino or rasberry pi.
It give me some ideas and recently an occasion to do this is appeared at school, in the Informatical and Digital Creation lesson.
 Our teachers said that we can made our own group project, and I proposed you know what. In my group we are only 2, but my teammate is the best programmer of our classroom, so the Knex Robotics Building System project has begin  (- :
Here the first images of the electronical scematics, and of what we need in the algorithm (in french, because I’m french, and because i’m too lasy to translate 2 pages in english for the moment^^)

General Knex Discussion / Some Ideas for "make knex big again"
« on: September 08, 2017, 08:07:43 pm »
Hi every one, I recently read the topic about "Make k'nex big again" and I found some good ideas  ;D

-Organized events about knex around you.
-Make a knex alehouse in your town for kids, teenagers, or adults.
-Make knex exhibition in local museums.
-Make a youtube chanel called "KnexFlux Chanel" with tutorials, contests, anouncements, news, and more about knex and the knex community.
-Make a big knex world show somewhere in the world with a maximum knexflux members, in London for exemple.

Please think about it.
I think we can make a request to Knex corporation for sponsorised the big knex world show.

This is the first images of my new knex ball machine called Mecanix.
I'll try to imagine new lifts and elements for it.
Actually I've imagine and build 2 new lifts, and 6 new elements.

Introduce Yourself / Hi, I'm Mechanical Master !
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:18:14 pm »
So, my name is Mechanical Master, I live in France, I'm actually 16 years old, and I don't speak English very well.
I like K'nex, Arduino programming, Halloween Tricks, Strenge experiment, Minecraft, and many other hobby.
I discoverd K'nex 8 years ago
My first K'nex box was orange.
My first invented build was a pinball machine, and it's was not functional.
After that I've discoverd by chance the Instructables website.
And I've build my first K'nex ball machine, but it was also not functional.
So, I try again to build a K'nex ball machine, and finally it was my first functionnal k'nex build !
Next, I've build a new pinball machine.
After I've build my third k'nex ball machine: K'nex Ball Machine Dangerus
And I post my first video on Youtube
1 Years later I started the project of the Giant K'nex ball catapult, and 6 month later it was finally works !

Actually...I build a fourth K'nex ball machine, who includ the giant ball catapult: I don't found the final name of this k'nex ball machine.

K'nex Ball Machine Lift Instructions: Full Automatical Giant Ball Catapult
--> View Instruction

This my new lift, the Giant K'nex Ball Catapult, in my room it shot to a distance of 4 meters (because my room is too small), but I think it must shot to a distance of 10 meters, it only contains a motor, it's totally automatic, the arm is tracted by a nylon cable, but the shot is very hard to regulate, because the catapult shot creates a role-back, and the elastics extend. But the final result is just awesome !!!
I've build a second version, it's a more economize pieces version, and I've add some improvement.
And now, get started to build it ! (it's the second version)

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