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Ball Machines, Lifts and Elements / YSL's 6-way Ball Separator
« on: April 15, 2020, 02:58:04 am »
YSL's 6-way Ball Separator
--> View Instruction

This instructions page will show you how to build my 6-way ball separator. The ball separator consists of a manifold, 3 blue rods deep by 4 blue rods wide by 5 blue rods tall, which rotates back and forth as it separates balls evenly between 6 outputs. While this design certainly isn't the most space-efficient method of separating balls, it does provide a nice visual element as it pendulates back and forth. This ball separator was designed and tested with standard red/yellow K'nex balls, so I cannot tell whether this will or won't work with the oversized/underweight balls from the Big Air Ball Tower. If you want to see if this will fit your machine before building it, mounting instructions are located in Step 6.

Introduce Yourself / YoloSweggLord
« on: January 30, 2018, 06:06:01 pm »
Hello all!
I'm YoloSweggLord. I'm currently a senior in high school studying computer science and engineering. I have learned the basics of Python and I am currently learning Java, and I plan to learn C++ in the future. Besides K'nex, I have interests in real-life roller coasters, coaster simulation games, and twisty puzzles.

As far as K'nex goes, I must have over 10,000 pieces by now. It's not a very large collection, but I have a lot of standard pieces and a decent amount if micro pieces. I'm currently working on a Vekoma next-gen style coaster, which can be seen here: Aside from roller coaster I enjoy exploring the mechanical side of K'nex, and making mechanisms such as linkages, crankshafts, and gearboxes.

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