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General Knex Discussion / The 'What did you just do with K'nex" Thread
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:26:31 pm »
Hey K'nex Flux. This is an idea thats used on other forums.

Basically, post a maximum of 2 pictures or a description of something you've been working on. Perfect for those things you've done that aren't quite worthy of an update or its own thread but you still think is cool and worth sharing. Or maybe you were really happy with a picture you took of your build. Post it here!

So What did you just do with K'nex?

Misc / Two pronged Cable-stayed Bridge
« on: January 21, 2018, 11:42:14 pm »
Two Pronged Cable-stayed Bridge
--> View Model

This is a project i worked on in late 2016. I was at the end of my third year of uni and was itching to apply what i had learnt about structural analysis and bridge design. So I made this bridge over the course of a month out of micro knex as i had my regular knex packed away at the time.

More info about the bridge in the model post. :)

Introduce Yourself / Tornado96
« on: January 21, 2018, 10:44:11 pm »
Hey K'nexFlux.

My name's Matt, more commonly known as Tornado 96. I used to be active on Instructables a long time ago. The project I was most known for was Uprising knex ball machine. I had a lot more time back then to give to knex and running a profile on instructables as I was still at school.

However, as i graduated and started uni I found I had a lot less time to give to Instructables and even knex in general. As I've grown up though, I keep learning how to manage time better and just get better at Adulting. So this past year I've been able to find more time to give to knex projects.

I recently posted my latest project, a swinging ship. You can give that a look here:'nex-swinging-ship/

Other things about me outside of knex:
  • Just finished my fourth year of a civil engineering degree at uni.
  • Really enjoy bouldering (like rock climbing but with a shorter wall so you don't need a harness)
  • Youth Leader at my Local Church (easily the highlight of my week)
  • I love reading books (Highly recommend Brandon Sanderson. Brilliant fantasy writer)

See ya round!

Project Progress / The Cutlass - K'nex Swinging Ship (Update: 18/10)
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:55:44 am »
Hey Knexflux.  :)
This is a model I've been working on over this past summer. Swinging ships have been one of my favourite theme park rides from a visual perspective. With this build, I want to not only create a working swinging ship, but work on the realism of the ride. As such, I have already incorporated some features included in a real ride (though not necessarily functional). I'm planning to also incorporate scenery and theming around the ride which will include the water beneath the ride (represented by blue connectors), an integrated queue line, a sign for the ride, some pathwork and foliage surrounding the ride and probably a little stall or shop.

The scale I'm going for is one that works with the small Knex figures that come with your classic Screamin' serpent set.

I was originally trying to design a system to motorise the swinging of the ship. Unfortunately it was very difficult to figure out a system that would cause the swinging and yet also be discrete enough that it didn't ruin the look of the model. As such, this isn't motorised, but has a pedal concealed beneath one of the supports that i simply push down with my hand to start the swinging. This also gives me a lot more control over the swing and, in my opinion, looks more realistic.

The name Cutlass comes from the swords that are known to be used by pirates back in the day (think Pirates of the Caribbean).

Here are some pictures.


The majority of Swinging ships I've ever seen work with a tire drive under the boat. I always find it remarkable how small the tires are compared to the boat. This is a non functional tire drive that sticks out of the water with a concrete footer.

The hub holding the ship. The red connectors are there for aesthetics. A lot of swinging ships might have an insignia or shield here to add to the theme. You cna also see the mechanism i used to cause swinging. The rod system goes all the way down this support so the swing can be controlled from under the model.

Here's the bottom of the same support. I used grey connectors to design 'rockwork' around the support, partly for aesthetic and partly to hide the mechanism underneath. I was really happy with how this turned out.

Here's the mechanism housed by the rockwork. i simply push that lever up and down which causes the hub to swing.

Here are the footers for the supports. The idea is that they are concrete footers sticking out of water.

Here's a look at the ship itself. I used green and red connectors to give the idea of 'shields' strapped along the side of the boat. The grey connectors can all hold one k'nex figure. I'll include a picture with figures in the boat next update. I'm also planning on adding a 'sail' on the vertical rod connecting the ship to the hub.

Lastly, here is a basic idea of what's going to happen from here:
Green is all the foliage and trees surrounding the ride.
Red is the queue-line and boarding platform.
Yellow is the ride sign,
Blue is a shop or stall
White is the pathwork around the ride.

Would love to hear any thoughts and feedback on the model. And if you have any ideas for how to do the foliage (plants and trees) let me know! :)

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