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Project Ideas and Help / Many new ideas!
« on: October 22, 2016, 09:14:28 pm »
Hi People!

Currently, I'm on my trip in South America. It's amazing here, but of course I miss my K'NEX. In fact it's so 'bad' that I'm dreaming about constructions  and new things. So here's a list I would like to make after I come back (if I have the time, because returning to Europe will be intense)

In the past I made construction vehicles (Front loader, Fork lift, Bobcat, Towing truck) with Cyber K'NEX and I want to continue this line, but perhaps different versions. One with cyber k'nex, one with common motors, and one without motors, but more internal details.
I was thinking about: Garbage truck, Mini forklift and a Mobile crane

Mechanized structures:
During my trip I went into the longest cable way, and the mechanisms are so intruiging, that I want to try to make it.

Two times before, my brother and I tried to make a water ride, which weren't finished. A new attempt with new mechanisms, real water pumps (we now know where to buy them) and less complex route should make it that it will become finished.

MORE Star Wars!
Well, with the new movies coming, there will be new vehicles and ships to make, so I'll be kept busy with that, haha. But, there's one big thing I would like to make, in a special way. And I'm not sure if people will be able to make it, because it will be big, with lot's of pieces in the same colour.
(If you know what it is... don't spoil it for others please! :) )
I would like to try to make a biped walker (probably an AT-ST, but it's feet will be large

In general:
I hope I will be able to make some smaller models, so that people without many (special) pieces also can try to build my things if they wish to.
Hope you are all fine,



Misc / K'NEX Motorized AT-AT from Star Wars
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:16:40 pm »
K'NEX Motorized AT-AT from Star Wars
--> View Instruction

"Fire at target with Maximum Firepower!"
- General Veers
In this Instructable I will show you how to make the All Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) from the Star Wars universe! The AT-AT is a walking vehicle used in assaults. Due to its strong armour it can take many hits. In the movie Luke takes two of them down, with help of the harpoon on the Snowspeeder. I've long wanted to build this model, but wasn't sure if I could get the walking mechanism right.
This model is about 45 cm high, 9 cm wide and 50 cm long. It comes with motor, gears and movable Laser cannons in the head. The model took me about 1 week to build and 10 hours of video shooting and editing.
The steps are like this:
  • Parts Needed
  • Walking Mechanism
  • Building the Head
  • Adding the Head & Armour
  • Building & Adding the Legs
Here you can see a video of the model, together with my Snowspeeder:

Misc / K'NEX Snowspeeder from Star Wars
« on: August 14, 2016, 04:02:54 pm »
K'NEX Snowspeeder from Star Wars
--> View Instruction

"Echostation 328... We've spotted Imperial Walkers"
In this instructable I will show you how to build a K'NEX Snowspeeder that can take down those All Terrain Armoured Transports, also known as AT-AT's.
The snowspeeder is a modified version of the Incom T-47 Airspeeder: It has additional armour and lasers. The cooling radiator on the back is insulated against the extreme cold on the planet Hoth.
My K'NEX model is 16.5 cm long and uses only 131 parts and is thereby my smallest Star Wars model that I've built so far. The model has a windshield that can open (but not like in the movie) and Air-brake flaps, to enable very tight turns. Also a Harpoon is positioned in the back, just like in the real aircraft. It was built alongside the AT-AT as can be seen in the video below. Building time was about 2 hours in total.
This instructable will guide you through the following steps:
  • Parts needed to build this model
  • Building the Snowspeeder
  • Building the Display Stand

General Knex Discussion / Instructions for sale?!
« on: August 07, 2016, 01:06:22 pm »
Hello people,

yesterday a friend of mine came to me to ask me something. He himself has a successful youtube channel and website about LEGO Great Ball Contraptions (GBC). After commending my models, he asked me: "Hey, would you consider selling instructions of your models to people? You could earn some money with that"
I told him I didn't believe people would pay for that, as I would never pay for instructions myself. "But, other people really spend money for instructions, believe me, I do it myself", he told me.

Now, I would like to ask you: what do you think about this?
My personal ideology is, that my models should be available to anyone, like freeware. I deliberately post them on Instructables so that people can see and hopefully learn from them or enjoy building them myself. That also pleases me as I don't have the intention to profit from anyone.

However, I would like to earn something with what I like to do. So perhaps a second question:
Would you freely donate a few $/€/£ in a donation pool for the things I make?

Don't worry: My instructions will remain for free. And I don't want to stop making things yet. The list ( ) isn't finished yet ;)
Thanks for reading and I'd be happy to hear your opinion about this!

Misc / K'NEX T-65 X-Wing Starfighter - Star Wars
« on: August 02, 2016, 01:01:04 pm »
K'NEX T-65 X-Wing Starfighter - Star Wars
--> View Instruction

"Red 5, standing by"
- Luke Skywalker
Stand by as I will guide you through this instructable how to build your own K'NEX T-65 X-Wing Starfighter from the Star Wars universe! This starfighter was used by the Rebel Alliance against the mighty Empire in many fights including the destroying of the Death Star in A New Hope.
The X-Wing is a very iconic Science Fiction spacecraft, next to the Millennium Falcon, Slave I and the TIE-Fighter which I already made out of K'NEX. This model has movable wings, that can be put into 'attack position' (as can be seen in the movies). To do this, you turn the wheel on top of the body. In front of that wheel is a mock-up R2-D2. A little detail I wanted to add. Furthermore, the windshield can be opened and closed, but there is no actual interior. In each of the following steps I will explain how you can build your own:

  • Parts needed
  • X-Wing Mechanism
  • Front Hull & Cockpit
  • Quadruple X-Wings
  • Display Stand
Each step has an appropriate Star Wars quote to keep the theming right ;)

Project Progress / New Star Wars Builds!
« on: July 24, 2016, 06:01:31 pm »

Finally I can present some good progress to you, the X-Wing is namely almost finished. I had a Metallic-version only, but the front end look crude and inaccurate. This time, I have focussed on the front end. The wing design will become white.

Furthermore am I building a LAAT/i (Low Altitude Assault Transport, infantry version). Colours are quite a challenge here, so are the sperical laser thingies on the sides and inside the wings. Yeah, the cockpit is a bit on the large side...
I think I'll finish it, then build the LAAT/c

Hopefully this will be posted before september!

Hi people,

for a while I have the idea to make some own (3rd party as it's called) motor/controller system.
Why? Because I think it would be awesome to:
  • Build robots that move balls (ball machines)
  • Automate K'NEX Rollercoasters
  • Make re-buildable K'NEX RC Cars
  • Fly K'NEX Quadcopters!?
To do this, I'm thinking of making a modular system, with:
  • a programmable, intelligent module based on Arduino/Raspberry-Pi, which is easy to program and open source
  • attachable sensors as inputs
  • connectable motors as outputs (Like brushless motors, which are much stronger)
  • Something that uses Li-Ion batteries or just 110/230V mains power (instead of consuming AA-type batteries)
  • 3D-printed housings, to fit in the K'NEX system
I'd like to know who's interested, and what your building ideas would be if you had something like this available. And what would you spend on it?
Remember that I'd like it to be modular, so you could make it as expensive as you want.

To give a price indication:
Fake Arduino's cost around 5€/$
Brushless motors are available from 10 to 50€/$
3D prints at a printing-service can be quite expensive, but I don't have numbers (perhaps someone has experience with that)

So, I'm building 4 things at once (as usual). Don't know if I will succeed, but I want to build these things in May:

  • AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Walker)
  • X-Wing with moving wings mechanism
  • Motorized walking AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) hopefully with moving head too
  • A-Wing with Red Ball halves, donated by Zombiekiller93

Here are some pics:

Misc / K'NEX Motorized Walking AT-TE from Star Wars
« on: April 27, 2016, 11:31:15 pm »
K'NEX Motorized Walking AT-TE from Star Wars
--> View Instruction

In this ible I will show you how to build a K'NEX walking All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (also known as AT-TE), from the Star Wars movies, and Clone Wars series. The model is fully motorized and can walk over several terrains such as: Vinyl and laminate floors, carpets and not un-important: bedsheets
The model is about 50 cm long and built from 810 K'NEX pieces. The model is motorized which means it can walk realisticly in a straight line. It has a big cannon on the top that can rotate 360° and 6 other cannons that can also move slightly.
The reference image is courtesy of unusualsuspex at
The building instructions are devided into the following steps:
  • Parts needed
  • Walking Mechanism
  • Adding Legs
  • Front end
  • Armouring the AT-TE
  • Adding Cannon & Finish

General Knex Discussion / Most useful K'NEX piece
« on: April 16, 2016, 04:40:16 pm »
Please make your vote! I tried to use some "oldschool" pieces, but also some new pieces like the "rod connector without hole", they are featured in the new K- Force sets only  :'( :'( :'(

Misc / K'NEX Star Wars TIE-Fighter
« on: April 09, 2016, 11:39:25 pm »
K'NEX Star Wars TIE-Fighter
--> View Instruction

Added on Knexflux too :)
Collab with @Linkin_J_Knex ! :D

Hi there,

Edit: The pieces are no longer obligatory as I finished the model already, still they're a welcome addition to my K'NEX collection :)

For my Slave I, I'm desperately looking for this piece:
(Also seen in attachment)

Do any of you guys have two of these? I found two of them in two separate ebay offers: both costing 20$ or more, let alone shipping to Europe, so I'm not going to do that.
So if any of you:
have them and want to lend them, or
have them and want to sell them, or
know where I can find them...
Then give me a reply or a personal message: it would really finish my next model.

First ebay offer:

Edit: I also need a mini rocket (preferably 2 of them aswell) that appeared in the "MechWarrior" series... Anyone have these?

Hi Sorunome,

I'm sometimes sending personal messages, and then I forget to tick the box at the bottom of the message to "Save a copy in my outbox". I like to read back what I sent, so now I have to do it every time, because the default is "off/no"
Could you either:
Make it so that the default option is "on/yes" so that messages automatically get saved? (easy option)
Program a tickbox in the profile-settings where you can set this to a standard for all messages (I guess a more difficult option)

Thanks! would help greatly!

Edit Sorunome: fixed formatting

Misc / K'NEX Star Wars Millennium Falcon
« on: April 02, 2016, 12:18:43 am »
K'NEX Star Wars Millennium Falcon
--> View Instruction

The Millennium Falcon is finished!
So now, I can focus on my next project, which will be the TIE-fighter, made in conjunction with @Linkin_J_Knex :D
Check it out!

Introduce Yourself / GWorks - Vehicles, Star Wars, Cyber K'NEX
« on: March 12, 2016, 03:00:35 pm »
Hello there,

As GWorks, I started posting LEGO and K'NEX ideas on youtube. Then I found out about Instructables. First only in general DIY builds, I didn't know the K'NEX community was quite active there. I quickly noticed mainly K'NEX guns, ball machines or coasters were displayed and not even all had instructions. I saw an opportunity to make completely other things, which weren't so present yet.
At that time, I already had made 2 Cyber K'NEX vehicles (Still have to make ibles for them) and I started by posting a K'NEX differential.
The Instructable K'NEX contest of July 2015 made me enthusiast to push the limits in quality and building instructions, and that paid off: I got the 2nd prize among 4 others.

For this contest I also made a Motor & Gear guide + an explenation about Cyber K'NEX. It got more attention than I expected, but I still think I have to improve it.[/font]

-> Reasons why I don't build guns:
Even though they are practically harmless, it remains a gun. Also in children's heads. I do not promote this.
-> Reasons why I don't build Ball Machines:
As you may know, I most often build with the metallic variants of the Original K'NEX pieces, because of the colour. It has a more "serious" look and you can mimic original colours for Star Wars spacecraft, for instance. Furthermore, I just don't have so many pieces, and many people are just so much better at this. I got my own niche :)

What you can expect from me in the future:
- More Star Wars K'NEX builds, I'm thinking of doing requests, so if you'd like to see something, ask!
- More Vehicles (Cyber K'NEX)
- More mechanisms, small stuff, many gears, moving things

Thanks for reading,

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