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Title: Rod-Gear Interlocking System without Tan Clips
Post by: Callistemon on August 06, 2020, 11:46:29 pm
Rod-Gear Interlocking System without Tan Clips
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This is a rod to gear interlocking assembly that does not use any tan clips. I was experimenting with using splice clips and an orange connector to try to make an improved gear coupler that does not clamp to the rod and spaced the gears further apart, but I ended up developing this that does clamp the rod. The splice clips protrude into the orange connector, and the orange connector is clipped to white rods that hold purple connectors clipping into the metallic gold yellow rod. The tips of the white rods would not fit until the splice clips were angled to the side.

When twisting the purple connectors directly, it is extremely tough and unbreakable. However, when twisting the gold rod with orange connectors clipped to it, the assembly breaks apart under slightly more force than a tan clip can tolerate before detaching. This can be solved by using blue rods in place of the white rods and clipping more purple clips to the gold rod, but even with the white rods this assembly would require a wide chamber compared to a tan clip, like a blue unit wide instead of a green unit. Also, the crown gear must be facing towards the assembly, and if a crown gear needs to be facing away then another gear must be coupled adding unacceptable complexity and width (unless you 3D print a gear with the center area extended on both sides). The interlocking assembly has much more slack than a tan clip.
Title: Re: Rod-Gear Interlocking System without Tan Clips
Post by: Callistemon on August 07, 2020, 12:16:21 am
This is a stronger version with blue rods instead of white rods. The splice clips cannot fall out unless the assembly is allowed to widen. Three orange connectors clipped on the axle break off before any interlocking assembly failure with blue rods.