Author Topic: K'NEX B-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars  (Read 2682 times)

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K'NEX B-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars
« on: March 12, 2016, 10:40:36 am »
K'NEX B-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars
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“Always pass on what you have learned”
- Yoda
And in this instructable I will pass on how I made a K'NEX B-Wing Starfighter from the original Star Wars trioligy! I've made this model out of appreciation of this somewhat "underdog" starfighter. Personally I'm a Star Wars fan and the B-wing is one of my favourite ships (Next to the Millenium Falcon, Slave I and the Lambda-Class, which I already made out of K'NEX)
The ship has several moving parts, such as the S-foils (like the real ship) and and a rotating cockpit that always locks on it's target. (On Earth it adjusts to gravity ;) The whole model was built in just 7 hours.
If you're not the flying-around-type-of-person, you can display the model with a display stand. I've made a customized information plate that's available to download. (The original comes from the LEGO Ulitimate Collectors Set 10227)
The steps are as followed:
  • Parts needed
  • The Thrusters
  • The Hull
  • The Bottom Wing
  • The S-Foils
  • The Cockpit
  • The display-stand
Each step has an appropriate Yoda-quote to keep the theming right ;)
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Re: K'NEX B-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 11:57:08 am »
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