Author Topic: Hi! I make videos with K'nex! Love that snap snap click click! :D  (Read 164 times)


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Hey guys! Nice site! I make videos with K'nex on youtube. I'm gonna be real honest here and say I'm much more a video creator and not so much an accomplished builder. Mostly I've been using the stock 'Launcher' or 'Imagine' series instructions for some simple builds. I really want to start doing some more custom and more elaborate builds on my channel, glad I found this site! Gonna take a good look around and see if there's any suitable builds for me to make on camera, would absolutely love any and all suggestions.

I do some pretty elaborate editing in my videos cause I love the way that K'nex are put together, that sound is so satisfying! I wanted to make videos that give the same sort of satisfying feeling. Anyways hope to see you all around!
(Don't want to look like I'm here to advertise so I'll leave it to you guys to search me out on youtube if you are interested!)