The Marksman A K'nex Sniper Collaboration


Step 1: The building process

Originally I suggested making a slide-action gun where the magazine was the slide. I even showed Lucas a little prototype I had built however he decided it would be better to build a sliding handle. He started construction and showed me the fruits of his labor and immediately I was impressed by the clarity of his construction. Later he decided the internals were messy and redid them. After that, he decided to scrap the sliding handle and create a pin gun. Initially I was disappointed because I saw pin guns as small, puny little things however he quickly changed my thoughts on them. So next we had the magazine; my first cut pieces ever. I really didn't want to at first but I realized it was necessary and once the magazine was built, I was glad I did! from there construction carried on relatively smoothly; he showed me what he built and I replicated it. When we finally finished it I created a relatively strong bi pod that supports the gun well and folds up. it is based off this but is a lot stronger. So that was the construction of the gun!