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The Joker: 4D Free-Flying coaster (re-creation)


The Joker: 4D Free-Flying coaster (re-creation)

Hi ! today i present my first roller coaster instruction and it's the joker who can be found at Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags New England and many more SF parks. Heres the video and an image

oh btw i won't do piece count because some micro knex will be used (not a lot though) and also i couldnt think of a 4D free-spin car prototype so i used the normal knex one.

Step 1: The Base/Station

Step 2: Motor section

Step 3: bottom track segment

Step 4: structure improvement

Step 5: Top track

Step 6: Chain Lift

Step 7: Finished !

You are done ! thank you for building ! make sure to tell me or share me pictures of your final product !