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Smallest working K'NEX V6 piston Engine


Smallest working K'NEX V6 piston Engine

Welcome to this ible where I'll show how to make this small V6 Engine. It was featured in the Maxima Grand Prix set and is currently part of a combo model of 2 newer sets.
It's probably not a perfect replica, but I do not have the booklets of either sets. Knex doesn't put them on the internet like Lego does...
Hope you enjoy! It's featured in my Rod Rage Vehicle

Edit 11-03-2016
I'm raising the quality standard of my ible's.
This one is way below this standard. I'll make new photos one day. Action points:
- New photos (not blurry)
- Video added

Step 1: Parts needed

The picture sums it up ^^

Step 2: Start building!

Steps for the top of the Engine

Step 3: Crankshaft

Note the 90 degree angle difference!

Step 4: 6 Pistons + Finishing up

And there you go. Short, but I hope it's usefull :)
As mentioned it will use it in my next K'nex vehicle
Thanks for reading! I'd be happy to answer your questions in the comments ^^