Small-size Mass Damper


Small-size Mass Damper

First off, I apologize for publishing the second consecutive instruction. Please, someone besides me, publish something. Anyways, this is a small-sized mass damper weight that swings around at the top of a tower. Mass dampers respond to vibration and reduce the movement and swaying of tall structures. It is ideal for towers that are the size of a blue square.

The weight is partially surrounded by a slick 37mm tire. The upper 2 white connectors have 2 Y-clips on each side that hold the tips of 2 white rods, one on each side. The length of the suspending rods can be varied to adjust the frequency, but a single white rod is the shortest length. The mass unit can swing in all directions, similar to a universal joint.

This design can be extremely beneficial, useless, or somewhat harmful depending on the frequency and amplitude of vibration. It is most effective for high frequency vibrations with small amplitudes. Lower frequency and/or larger vibrations may cause the mass unit to collide with the tower frame (because my designs are always poor designs).

When paired with base isolation (which I will be more motivated to publish if someone else publishes something), mass dampers can be used to simulate higher masses (more inertia and resistance to movement) on the base isolation springs without substantially increasing the weight load (less gravitational force to overload the springs).

Pieces Count
Slick 37mm Tires: 1
White Connectors: 5
Red Connectors: 2
Orange Connectors: 2
Purple Connectors: 2
Green Rods: 2
White Rods: 4
Blue Rods: 2
Y-Clips: 4
Metallic Blue Clips: 1
Tan Clips: 1
Black Caps: 2
Silver Spacers: 2
Blue Spacers: 10

Step 1: Assembly

Insert 3 white connectors into a slick 37mm tire. Insert a blue rod through 2 white connectors and add a tan clip. Add the black cylinder onto the blue rod on the opposite side of the tan clip. Add Y-clips to both sides of each white connector. Insert white rods into the Y-clips, with the rod tips being in the middle of the Y-clip closer to the tire. Add a metallic blue clip to the tip of the blue rod underneath the tire.

Step 2: Installation

If necessary, replace 2 blue rods near the top of the tower with yellow connectors and green rods. Add green rods and red connectors to each yellow connector. Insert a blue rod spanning the two red connectors, with an orange connector in the center surrounded by 5 spacer units. Attach white rods to each side of the orange connector, with, from the center out, a blue spacer, a purple connector, 2 more blue spacers, and a black cap. This will be the all-direction universal joint. Finally, attach the mass unit.