Sliding Arms lift


Sliding Arms lift

This is an extendable lift system with many arms that pass a ball up a slope.

Its a mix between the Slider lift and the Shifting, Multiple, Small-Returning, and Right-hand Arm lift.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough gears to build this to a worthwhile height.

This lift must be raised a bit or else it will jam.
Many gears are required: you will need one medium gear for the first red rod of height then 4 medium gears for each red rod after that.
These instructions lack detail. I will create complete instructions when I have confirmed that this lift is extendable to a worthwhile height.

Step 1: Entrance

This is a short path that tilts when an arm lands on its lever.

Step 2: Scaffold

Most of the scaffold is blue/red rods, but there are also sections to this that are offset Diagonally one Green Rod. These are:
  • Crankshafts
  • Gears
  • That thing in the third picture

Step 3: Arms

The arms are not completely symmetrical, otherwise they would collide.
Every second arm is off-centre to the left and every odd arm is off-centre to the right.

That thing in the third picture makes the arms rotate.

Step 4: Bottom Arm

There is a small addition to the bottom arm. This will activate the entrance track.

Step 5: Crankshaft

The crankshaft is built with two green connectors joined by a green rod.

Step 6: Exit Track

This track is not in a fixed position, because it collides with the top crankshaft.