Knex Ferris Wheel


Knex Ferris Wheel

I made a new and cool Ferris Wheel out of knex!
The aweseome thing about it is that it is standing so free.
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Step 1: Lower part

You'll start with the lower part.

Step 2: Wheel stuff

Now you'll make some wheel stuff.

Step 3: gearbox

Now it's time to make the gearbox. Be sure to turn all the gear rods correctly.

Step 4: Connect the gearbox.

Now you'll have to connect the gearbox.

Step 5: Ferris Wheel

Now you'll make the main wheel.
 It consists out of 32 segments, they are all the same.

Step 6: Other wheel stuff

Now you'll make the other wheel stuff.

Step 7: Add the rest of the chain

Now you'll just have to add the rest of the chain and you are finished!
 The number of chain links required is 88.