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K'NEX Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Step 7: The Top

"I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big light blur."
This is the second-to-last step to finish the Falcon, where you will make and attach mostly flat sides to the Top (actually the four quadrants) of the Falcon.
Quite soon after I finished the Hyperdrive, the centre column and the Front, I started making the back cover. First I was thinking to also cover the bottom, but as the retracted landing gear take in quite a lot of space, I decided not to do this. The third part to make was the quadrant where the Antenna sits at, it was more easy than I thought, altho it is not completely accurate to the original ship: The round shape is overlapping a wheel. The part covering the hole near the cockpit, I made last.