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K'NEX Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Step 3: Side Elements & Boarding Ramp

"Don't worry, she'll hold together... You hear me, baby? Hold together!"
In this step, you will start by making the top-half circle, where in Step 8, the top quad laser cannon will be attached. Then, the rear end will be prepared, so that later the Hyperdrive engine can be attached. Then, the front ends are attached, in the same manner. Then the right side element is made and attached, after which the boarding ramp will attached. Then, the left side element is made. It is the mirror of the right, apart from the fact it does not have a boarding ramp there.
From the middle column, I started to design the left and right side elements. These have a specific 6-edge shape, which was quite challenging to make. Additionally, the end has a round shape, which is made by a medium wheel hub, clamped within 4 rod ends. It was a lucky, but sturdy fit!
The boarding ramp I made later, after the important shapes were made. It uses a technique where a 5-way connector is clamped between 2 clips.