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K'NEX Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Step 2: Landing Gear & Base Structure

"Here's where the fun begins!"
First, you start off by making the bottom circle and the quad laser cannon, after which you attach the landing gear. During the whole instructable, the model will rest on the landing gear. If you want to put it on the display stand, you have to retract it, as shown in the video from the Introduction.
Although it is the first step of this ible (for building reasons), this part was not the first part I made while designing. I started from the Hyperdrive (seen in Step 4) and then made the middle column (cylinder), to which everything is attached. This gives the model it's strength, so that you can lift it without being scared that the model brakes. I modelled the landing gear as best as possible to the original spaceship. Normally, the Falcon has 7 "feet", but as I wanted to make them retractable, I had to reduce this to 6: The front one is missing.