About Knex Flux
Knex Flux was founded on the 18th September 2015 with the goal of making a dedicated website for all of the community.
Users can use its forum to share ideas and the instructions to share projects!

We have a be nice policy. Respect other people’s work. Don’t make unnecessary negative comments. In general, be friendly to your fellow knexers. Constructive criticism, like many call it, does not belong to the negative comments. Feel free to suggest improvements and offer your help if you think something can be done better with your help. Just use common sense.

Do not claim any work your own which isn't! Post credits where necessary.

If you do not follow these rules, admins can decide to ban you for a certain time or permanently. An admin’s word is final. If you see anything offensive, you can always report this and a moderator or admin will review it as soon as possible.

Try to make this a nice place for ALL knexers.

We are not responsible for any data hosted, either on the forum or on the instructions. As soon as we notice any copyright infringement this will be removed.
We are furthermore not responsible for anything discussed or posted on the forums.