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Wanted K'nex Parts
« on: July 14, 2020, 12:16:28 am »
Please note that this post is in the process of being retired and will be deleted shortly. Check 'Other Discussions' for item listings.

I have been short on most parts for a long time now. There aren't really any good options for ordering at the moment (see K'nex Ordering Options). I would like to obtain parts from individuals, including on this site. I also have surpluses of some types of parts, including broken connectors that will be recycled soon if not sold or given away.

Please email me at if you have excess parts from the wanted lists below. I will resend your box back to you with an equal value (values listed per piece) parts from the unwanted section, broken parts, cash, or a mix (at your discretion). Although I wash the parts before sending, please exercise your own cautions and quarantine the box, and then wash the parts.

Please note that my inventory for any specific type of part may be unexpectedly filled, and any inventory for unwanted parts may be depleted. Although I will try to update this to show limitations, single large transactions do not provide enough warning. All prices are New, but it's either just a ratio, or in the case of cash I am paying you new price.

Highly Wanted (discontinued)
Curved Panels - Blue or Yellow, $2.75 each
Medium Square Panels (Yellow Square) - Specify Color, $2 each
Large Triangle Panels - Blue or Orange, $1 each
Large Square Panels (Red Square) - Blue or Orange, $4 each

3D Printed PLA Red-Equivalent 3D Connectors, $1 each
Angled Orange Clips, $0.15 each
Small Blue Gears, $0.81 each
Small Triangle Panels - Red, Orange, or Yellow, $0.14 each
Small Square Panels - Green, $1.03 each
Medium Triangle Panels - Red, $0.76 each
Red Rods, $0.36 each
Light Green Flexible Rods, $0.48 each
Yellow Connectors, $0.23 each
White Connectors, $0.46 each
Gray 3D Connectors, $0.23 each
Rubber Tires with 18mm Inside Diameter, $0.55 each
Rod Locks, $0.62 each
Micro K’nex 3 Wide Spacers, $0.07 each
2-Speed Gray Motor 48-240 RPM, $20.63 each

Broken Parts, see index on separate post, no price unless proposed otherwise
Blue Clips, $0.15 each
Large Chain Segments, $0.17 each
Quite-Non-K'nex Bricks (don't even conform to a green unit), unknown price
Black Tracks (make it yourself with orange connectors!), $1.31 each
Skid Plate / Eye Center Black, $0.40 each, Only 5
Brick to Micro Connector Adapter Orange, $0.03 each
Brick to Classic Connector Adapter Yellow, $0.12 each
Micro K'nex Orange Roller Coaster Track, $0.24 each
Micro K'nex Motorized Launcher Red, $13.73 (buys alot!), Only 1
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