Author Topic: Weight of K'nex bridge track section connectors  (Read 794 times)

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Weight of K'nex bridge track section connectors
« on: August 05, 2020, 04:06:24 am »
Since I am looking to sell 9 K'nex Bridge Track Section Connectors and need to know how many stamps to use, I looked up the mass per piece on K'nex User Group like I always do when I want to know weights. However, their page claims each piece is 38 grams, so 9 of them would supposedly be 12 ounces. That was obviously incorrect, so I emailed them but they said it could not be verified since the part was discontinued.

I don't have a scale, and weight scales are not always very accurate at low weights. So, I decided to assemble a small K'nex balance, even though I thought I did not have enough parts. It's not complete, and will eventually be upgraded with more metallic rods and two X supports that will require 4 orange clips, but it still functions. I placed the envelope on one side and placed orange connectors on the other side, hoping their mass rating of the orange connectors was more accurate than of the one-off piece. It took 42 to 43 orange connectors to equal the envelope, which equals a much more reasonable 2.14 ounces. It's important to ensure the center of mass on one side of the balance equals the other, or else it will be as biased as completely different weights.

Balances use gravity, but are not affected by the strength of gravity. Balances measure mass, and weight scales measure weight. Devices that put gravity and centrifugal force to competition at a set speed measure the strength of gravity. If you want, you can assemble a spindle with several diagonal rods where balls can slide up & out or down & in, but I cannot because I think I have an abundance of purple clips compared to other parts when it is just about a pint.