Author Topic: K'nex Bridge Track Connectors (9) for sale or trade  (Read 448 times)

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K'nex Bridge Track Connectors (9) for sale or trade
« on: August 03, 2020, 03:32:39 am »
I don't ever use these 9 bridge track section connectors, because the 30 centimeter bridge tracks are just a one-off piece that can easily be made with solid orange connectors instead. They cost $1.31 each new and are rightfully discontinued. These parts are washed for visual cleanliness only (not that they were visibly grungy before), and have trace amounts of maroon and blue crayon that cannot be removed easily (haven't tried a brush). All 9 pieces are packed in a paper envelope, free shipping (message for location, lax negligent United States). One piece was discovered after the photos were taken, but it is completely identical to the other 8 in condition.

Payment: $11.79 of used K'nex (using new prices) or $9.43 cash
Angled Orange Clips ($0.15 each)
Curved Panels ($2.75 each)
Light Green Flexible Rods ($0.48 each)
Rod Locks ($0.62 each)

Most used discontinued parts are more expensive than they were new.
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